Rapid Ramen Cooker (Red)



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•The worlds fastest, healthiest and easiest way to cook ramen. •Rapid Ramen eliminates all the hassles and only takes 4 minutes to prepare. •Reusable and easy to use. •Rinses out easily and is dishwasher safe. •Heat and eat right out of the container. •Cooks perfect ramen noodles in half the time. •Patented reservoir design that provides perfect heat distribution. •Only need to use half the seasoning. •Easy to remove from the microwave. •BPA free, non toxic. •Cooks ramen noodles perfectly every time.As seen on ABC’s “Shark Tank” Rapid Ramen Cooker world’s fastest, easiest, and healthiest way to cook ramen noodles.
#1 Selling microwave accessory on Amazon.com! Perfect gift for college students.
Heat and eat right out the cooker, cooks perfect ramen noodles in half the time
Avoid the hassle of dirty dishes, never bother with pots and pans again!
BPA Free, reusable, and dishwasher safe.


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