Carolina Pine Full Pre-lit Christmas Tree




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The holidays just aren’t complete without a fabulous tree to light up the room. The Carolina Pine Pre-Lit Christmas Tree takes care of that problem, and you don’t even have to hassle with any lights. Available in a range of heights, this tree has a full body to fill out any corner and it’s densely packed with lush, green branches. There are plenty of tips to hang your ornaments and the wide base means there’s room for lots of presents, too. This artificial tree has an easy-to-assemble hinged construction.   Specifications for the 6.5-foot Tree Shape: Full Base Width: 54 inches Number of Bulbs: 650 Number of Tips: 929   Specifications for the 7.5-foot Tree Shape: Full Base Width: 59 inches Number of Bulbs: 750 Number of Tips: 1393   Specifications for the 9-foot Tree Shape: Full Base Width: 71 inches Number of Bulbs: 900 Number of Tips: 2297 Don’t Forget to Fluff! Simply start at the top and work in a spiral motion down the tree. For best results, you’ll want to start from the inside and work out, making sure to touch every branch, positioning them up and down in a variety of ways,  and checking for any open spaces as you go. As you work your way down, the spiral motion will ensure that you won’t have any gaps. And by touching every branch you’ll create the desired full, natural look. About National Christmas Products National Christmas Products isn’t quite Santa’s workshop, but they’re getting closer with each passing year. A variety of holiday decor products are offered by the company, including wreaths, garlands, Christmas trees, and more. Each of the greenery products are artificial for a long-lasting indoor/outdoor design, but feature a Feel-Real aesthetic that’s nearly indistinguishable from a fresh-cut tree. Several sizes and colors of trees are available with many pre-lit options. Whatever your need, National Christmas Products is here to serve. Several height options to best fill your space. Full shape makes this tree a focal point.Several height options to best fill your space
Full shape makes this tree a focal point
An abundance of tips for hanging your ornaments
Pre-lit with hundreds of sparkling clear lights
Hinged branches offer easy assembly